We really want to appreciate each and every one of our participants world wide for your patience and bearing with us through out this upgrade process. we say a big thank you for your understanding and we are deeply sorry for all inconveniences we have caused you this period.

we hope you enjoy the new services our online community for mutual aid (mysurecash) has to offer us.
please do not hesitate to report any form of loop holes you find while exploring your offices.

meanwhile check your msc office profile page you should be seeing your current rank so as to know if you are eligible for the forth coming consultant school and get prepared.

venue: msc consultancy school online

date: 21-01-2017

time: 11:00 pm

we have come to stay and to help retain smiles on our faces. thank you for choosing mysurecash, long live mysurecash (msc). Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 17-Jan-2017

1) hurray, our website is now secured (https//:)
2) our website due to the recent upgrade have obtained a great internet speed.
3) to all our participants, we are actually getting closer to launch our new consultant interface by 20/1/17
4) our consultant school kicks of 21st jan.
5) kindly be patient with some irregularities happening in the website, this is because of our upgrade which will soon come to an end by 20*01*17.
6) please clear your system cookies and cache memories or use a new browser so that all new changes will reflect fully in your
register here:
www.mysurecash.com/?msc_referred_by=your-referral-email Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 13-Jan-2017

Hello msc participants world wide, from all of us here (team msc) we say happy new year to you all, we appreciate you all for your selfless donations so far and the steady growth of our community.
we thank you for your questions, contributions, corrections and suggestions on how to make msc our community for mutual help live longer and serve us better. after going through them we found out some of the challenges you are experiencing with the platform which includes:

1. delay in rematch on your outstanding balance
ans: now instead of the system to shortlist your name at the bottom position of the rematch list thereby keeping you waiting for long, it will reverse your total outstanding cash back to your msc wallet and now waits for you to re-request it at your own convinient time.

2. our site delaying in loading
ans: we have upgraded the server to a more robust, faster, accomodating and super efficient server machines that will give us that wow experience we have been looking forward to in our community, this exercise will take its full effect through this week so watch out for positive changes also our website will not! not!! not!!! be go off even for an hour while this exercise takes place. so feel free to continue your daily activity on mysurecash.com do not panic!

3. inaccurate donated cash growth
ans: we are deeply sorry about that. it was a result of probably poor network signal, congested traffic or connection errors. we are fixing that already by upgrading our server to serve you better as stated on number 2. also if you are experiencing same issue and have not been matched please we suggest you cancel the donation and make re-donate and that will get it fixed.

4. countdown not reading (sometimes)
ans: we pause the countdown timer intentionally on public holidays and weekends, this is to assist those that will be making payments through bank deposits. yes is true that there are other means at which payments can be made therefore if you see you were matched on one of these days and you are disposed to make payments via other means please do and upload your proof of payment (pop) you will be confirmed immidiately the countdown does not stop that we just pause to help other participants not get blocked.

5. your questions on having consultants to call on if assistance is needed
ans: from your requests on getting supervisors, guiders, consultant and many more on our online community for mutual aid mysurecash, we have resolved to provide you with msc consultants.

thank you for your faithfulness towards our online community for mutual aid mysurecash.com, together we will make it live longer for us. thank you for choosing mysurecash. long live msc. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 09-Jan-2017

Q1. who is a msc consultant?
ans: msc consultants have been set up to help us the participants (downliners) have a better experience in our msc platform.

q2. how are msc consultants selected?
ans: our consultants will be selected once a month based on the number of participants you have refered to our platform so far. with a minimum of 50 refered participants by you (as the likes of precious ohia (msc facebook page), divinity amplified, kossy boy and many others), then congratulations you automatically become one of our msc consultants.

q3. what are my functions as a msc consultant
ans: you are to answer to the questions of your downliners, put them through when the face challenges on the platform. also introduce our community to more participants, represent our community anywhere anytime.

q4. when and where do we our undergo msc consultant training
ans: once you are ranked as a consultant you will be given your personnal consultant office where you will be able to attend to questions asked by the community participants, attend our online consultant school and manage your downliners.

q5. what are my benefits being a msc consultant
ans: as a consultant on msc you stand to earn 100,000 ngn as a silver consultant monthly, 200,000 ngn as a gold consultant monthly and a boom sum of 500,000 ngn monthly as a diamond consultant on msc. you will be made known to all other participants on our forth coming online consultant brochure, you will be able to switch your bank account details from your consultant office and update your display photo, you will earn from any and every bonus been shared on our platform and many more. terms and conditions will be discussed in our first msc consultant school holding 21-01-2016 11:00 pm.

note: if you see a link in your personal office called "consultancy" then congratulations you are a msc consultant.

look out for the following changes (speed, data accuracy, quick response and msc consultants) today through to the 20th january 2017.

thank you for your faithfulness towards our online community for mutual aid mysurecash.com, together we will make it live longer for us. thank you for choosing mysurecash. long live msc. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 09-Jan-2017

1. when a donor is matched to pay a receiver and he/she cannot make payment they will be unmatched and the record will be deleted!!! both of you will be unmatched and records will disappear on both dashboard.

2. if you make payment to someone and do not upload an evidence of payment within the time given it is assumed that you made no payment to the receiver thus both of you will be unmatched and there will be no space to neither upload an evidence of payment nor space to confirm!

3. if you as the donor makes payment and uploads evidence you as the receiver will be given an extra 30 hours for confirmation of the donors payment.

4. if the receiver gets the payment and refuses to confirm the donor his/her account will be blocked!

5. if a participant promises to pay you and request for time extension please do that immidiately to avoid loosing your matched participant and your money.

6. any payment you do not want to make as the donor please use the red button "refuse payment" so that the time can countdown to zero (0) and the participant will quickly re-appear in the rematch list.

7. if you are a participant using more than one account please write to the admin to close one of them immidiately should we get to find out ourself all of your accounts will be blocked and never will be unbocked.

8. if you first donation is anything less than #20,000 you will not be given a registration bonus also if after making your first donation you cancel it for any reason you will not be given any registration bonus and there is no need writting to msc support about it.

9. mysurecash is active today is because of faithful members like you, because you do not hesitate to make payments. the faster the payments made the more fun and sure our cash becomes.

10. thank you for you choosing your number one online community for mutual aid mysurecash rocks. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 29-Dec-2016

Merry christmas dear msc participants all over the world. this is a season of fun, gift and celebrations here and there.
your number one sure-est mutual aid community mysurecash.com brings you your first online santa ! his name -- santa msc --
he will be presenting christmas gift to many msc participants that will be attending our -- santa msc party --

date: 25 - dec - 2016

time: 10:00 pm - data bundle finishes

venue: mysurecash personnal office

tickets: email and password :-)

merry christmas and happy new year in advance. see you there... Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 24-Dec-2016

Dear msc participants thank you for reading the last news on "rebranded rematch system :-)"
thanks for your patients, your data bundles, your time used to extend participants countdown just because you do not want them to start from square one as a brand new registered msc participants.

you will notice that all your matched request with countdown zero (0) have all disappeared. yes that is what the rebranded rematch system does.
it makes the receiver re-appear in the match list and will now be rematched. also for the donor: his/her account will be blocked, the donate cash request will be terminated and he/she starts from square one as a first timer on msc, all of the referral bonuses related to that donate cash will all be terminated.

you can avoid all of this as either the donor or receiver how? when you are matched endaveour to complete all your payments on time, upload the evidence of payment and request the receiver to confirm on time.

by doing that you are free of any of the rebranded rematch system concequences. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 22-Dec-2016

Dear msc participants sorry for the delays in responding to your messages and others.
we have been working endlessly to bring you a better service and mode of operation and in effect to this the following notice we taught should be brought to your notice:

when you are matched to pay another participant and you were unable to do so due to some reasons, we advice you call the participant and plead for time extension by 24 hours because failure to do so the system automatically unmatch the both of you and add the receiver in the rematch list for another serious donor to be matched to him/her.
while the rematch is taking place the following happens to the donors :

donate cash request will be terminated,
the level 3 referral connected to the donate cash request will be terminated,
the level 2 referral connected to the donate cash request will be terminated,
the level 1 referral connected to the donate cash request will be terminated,
the donors msc office will be blocked all at once.
now if the donor is still interested in running his/her msc office they will have to re-donate cash and their 14days countdown to be matched starts all over.

all of this will be implemented from 11:59 pm today.

and receivers any donor you will not like to loose after 11:59 pm today quickly extend his/her time by 24 hours else the participant will be affected!

now to avoid all of this as a donor once you are matched please be quick to pay or call the receiver not msc support for time extension.
lets make our mutual aid community a better place to be. long live msc! Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 21-Dec-2016

Mysurecash says a heart felt thank you to all participants over the world.
thanks for staying up late last night, thanks for the keeping your internet bundles reading, thanks for accepting the offers and finally thanks for choosing mysurecash as your number one online community for mutual aid.
we hope to present you more and more amazing offers as you remain msc participants.
team msc. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 16-Dec-2016

Mysurecash will be appreciating all of her participants both new and old today. we are doing this to say a big thank you to all of you that choosing msc community as your online mutual aid platform.

how does this run ?

at 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm today you as a participant will be able to request cash whether you have donated before or not.
i know you are smiling now! well that was the plan to leave that smile on your face just as you've left smiles on over 2m participants faces here on msc. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 15-Dec-2016

Mysurecash well known as (msc) is assuring all participants worldwide that we do not have plans to go on any form of holiday, break, or of any sort.
we are up and running and no stopping time!
team msc advices and assures all participants that their cash is in safe regulation and should not stop referring others, donating cash nor receiving cash.
long live mysurecash! Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 15-Dec-2016