Beloved msc participants we congratulate you all on your cooperation so far which contributes immensely to the growth and stability of our online community for mutual aid mysurecash. thank you for your suggestions, patience, understanding and above all your donations which is helping us meet our goal on daily bases which is to help people find happiness, leaving smiles on their faces longer than it use to be.

conclusions from msc board together with your suggestions for the continuation of our beloved online community for mutual aid mysurecash we are sorry to announce the drop of referral three bonus from 15% to 10%, referral two bonus from 10% to 5% and referral one bonus from 5% to 3% while our gratitude bonuses remains the same 7% of your total withdrawal for valid video gratitude and 5% of your total withdrawal for valid text gratitude.

this is to enable quicker flow of cash in our community (donate cash and receive cash) and a longer life span which is most important of them all.
this changes will take effect from the 1st of february 2017 on new donations made. lets encourage more people to join the fastest growing and more stable online community for mutual aid mysurecash.

our consultants next meeting has been scheduled to take place in this month thus a notification text will be sent to you. to other participants always check your msc office profile to know when your rank has changed from participant to consultant. thank you for choosing us, long live mysurecash. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 31-Jan-2017

Mysurecash will be appreciating all of her participants both new and old today. we are doing this to say a big thank you to all of you that choose msc community as your online mutual aid platform.

how will it work ?

at 11:00 pm to 03:00 am today you as a participant will be able to receive cash from your referral one (5%) bonuses. randomly you will notice your referral one (5%) bonuses turning green even if the donor has not made the payment you can still cash it out. this applies to only users that logs in within the time specified randomly.

i know you are smiling now! well that was the plan to leave that smile on your face just as you've left smiles on over 2m participants faces here on msc. thank you for choosing msc. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 24-Jan-2017

We really want to appreciate each and every one of our participants world wide for your patience and bearing with us through out this upgrade process. we say a big thank you for your understanding and we are deeply sorry for all inconveniences we have caused you this period.

we hope you enjoy the new services our online community for mutual aid (mysurecash) has to offer us.
please do not hesitate to report any form of loop holes you find while exploring your offices.

meanwhile check your msc office profile page you should be seeing your current rank so as to know if you are eligible for the forth coming consultant school and get prepared.

venue: msc consultancy school online

date: 21-01-2017

time: 11:00 pm

we have come to stay and to help retain smiles on our faces. thank you for choosing mysurecash, long live mysurecash (msc). Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 17-Jan-2017