Good day beloved participants, sincerely we appreciate your support towards us, mysurecash gets better by the day, you also will get your own benefits shortly, be rest assured that your expectations from mysurecash will never be cut short, thank you for your participation so far.

we earlier told you our 30% donors that soon the portal will be opened for you to request at least 10% of your old msc wallet so as to enable us match out participants remaining 90% and future down payments. "the portal has been opened" we sincerely apologize for all inconveniences we have caused you, we are deeply sorry.

how to cash out the 10% from old wallet:

login to your msc office

click on the white #msc link

scroll down below your #mysurecash old wallet

you will find a green button with your 10% cash on it.

just click the button and get matched to a ready donor.

we have good plans for our online community for mutual help mysurecash as in real benefiting plans soon to come and you will be happy you stayed with us through out our trial times.

please every participant should have a current and active donation with fulfilled down payments because failure to recommit will get your account locked up and can only be opened if you agree with msc support to reset the account by wiping every cash inside the account then it can be unlocked for a more serious usage.

mysureparticipants god bless you all. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 29-Jun-2017

Please participants are implored to go and regenerate their account statements so as to get their accurate cash balances. mysurecash will not intentionally cut your cash balances for no reasons, else we wouldn't have bothered trying to restore your balances after the cash issues we encountered after implementing suggestions earlier.

all participants restored cash will be reset so that the system can allow you generate a new account statements. be rest assured your donated cash are safe with us and can't be lost come what may. should you encounter any other issue in your msc accounts please just let us know, there is absolutely no need for panic because it will be fixed.

online communities for mutual help faces issues like this too but they only overcome it with the total support of their participants, we all wants our cash paid then lets all work towards it, firstly by having a positive mind and making positive confessions about mysurecash. thank you for choosing msc. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 26-Jun-2017

Good news participants, with gratitude to god in our hearts we gladly announce to all participants that may have lost cash inside their old msc wallet due to the system error we encountered that almost seemed impossible to be corrected but now we give thanks to god on rectifying the issue.

now all participants especially those that sees zero naira as the total of their old msc wallet should generate their mysurecash account statement and print it out from their msc office, this will help you keep track of all you donated and received before the suggestions were implemented.

if the difference between your donated and received cash is not zero you will be given a blue button "restore balance" please click on it to restore your missing balance and get its extra 50% equivalent added to it, you will find it inside your old msc wallet with type "restored".

if you are confused on what your restored balance looks like please just go through your printed msc account statement copy where you will be detailed properly on how your donations were recovered.

remember we will be matching out the remaining 90% of some donors and the receive portal will be opened to participants who made their 30% donations earlier to receive cash, you will be notified when its opened, its based on first come first serve thus be on time.

special thanks to donors who have topped up their donations recently, together we will make mysurecash glowing again and all of our referral bonuses, registration bonuses, gratitude bonuses and many more bonuses will all be restored again.

all participants especially our donors please avoid getting blocked, we believe you read our last news where we made it clear what happens to your account if it must be unblocked! if you are not yet aware quickly read our previous news and you will understand better. all affected participants will be displayed on our general page for reference points to others who thinks sweeping of account on msc is not real.

thank you for your trust, confidence, prayers, donations, receptions and positive confessions about our online community for mutual help mysurecash. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 25-Jun-2017

Howdy participants, thank you for still trusting and staying with us, very soon we will begin to match out some participants remaining 90% from donations made earlier.

please if you were not matched for the reception of n1000 bonus it simply means the desired slot we needed have been reached, because we requested that you cash out n1000 so we could match out some down payments. we believe you now have a better understanding on why your n1000 bonus was not matched up till now.

we had a little challenge earlier which cost us some of our participants donations, we apologize dearly for this action it wasn't intentional it was as a result of implementing those suggestions that came up earlier. but all has been resolved and we are assuring you that there will be no re occurance of such event and any donation in your new wallet can never be tampered with anymore.

for the affected participants we are implementing a correction module that will restore all your mistakely lost cash accurately before 27th of june 2017 so until then keep donating there is nothing, absolutely nothing to be scared or worried of.

please if your account was blocked just know that you caused it no excuse! and do not bother writing to support to unblock it because we won't and if we must we will first of all erase every cash in both your old and new wallet. therefore if the condition is okay with you kindly proceed with writing to support to help unblock your account and we will firstly erase it before unblocking it because you are in agreement, it will help us get more serious minded participants on our online community for mutual help mysurecash.

soon participants that have donated their 30% earlier will be allowed to receive cash so that they will first be matched to participants remaining 90% donations before other participants can follow, you will be notified when the portal is opened for you. obidience pays and rewards, thank you for participating in the 30% donation plan earlier god bless you.

please all donors always fulfill your donations when you are matched and stop requesting unblock, we believe you've read whats up before you will be unblocked! lets make mysurecash a more trust worthy platform. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 24-Jun-2017

Good morning participants, we appreciate your efforts so far on how you have been making new donations despite the fact that some of you are yet to receive for the first time maybe after 30% donations or after the suggestions were implemented thank you so much for your cooperation. very soon we will begin to match out the remaining 90% of participants donation but with the amount we have been donating they are quite so small that it might not be able to clear many participants receive cash request.

our online community for mutual help mysurecash does not have any form of central account where we can transfer you cash when you make your receive cash request, it is through the donations of one participant that the next participant gets paid. take for instance just as most of you have been donating #10,000 and remember for each receive cash request an additional 10% of your old msc wallet is added to your expected 50% return on investment and your initial donated amount maybe all summing up to #100,000 now how can this cash be paid out with the amount we have been donating and because of this matching becomes slow because we have more participants receiving than participants donating thus other participants starts to panic and keep asking is msc sill paying?

now we know the answer to that question so please lets top up our donations lets stop seeing down payments of hundreds but tens of thousands. mysurecash is very much stable now is true we have had our lapses and faults but its one of those challenges that faces all online communities for mutual help that have truly come to stay and we promise never to disappoint you again.

remember to always log into your msc p.o. daily to keep your account alive, monitor your cash growth and avoid been blocked as a result of dormant account, have a good day ahead. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 22-Jun-2017