Beloved participants of mysurecash, we are still up and running and so far has no plan for break, suggestion box is always open if you have a plan you think can help the platform acquire more cash donations because every platform like mysurecash solely depends on donation over reception.

thank you for your co-operation, and how you have contributed to sustaining this platform, lets keep our online community for mutual help mysurecash flowing by inviting our family and friends if the turn up of newly registered members is above 30% of our stipulated count we will re-introduce our referral bonuses and we will keep enjoying all of our originally entitled benefits as promised by mysurecash. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 14-Aug-2017

Good day beloved participants, so far this is the issue on ground, the confusion coming from the splitting of wallets both old and new, you may request cash from the old wallet and when the cash is been paid its gets deducted from the new one and sometimes from the old one, it only gets the wallet stories complicated.

here is the truth you are the owner of both wallets and you are entitled to receiving them all, therefore we will be merging both wallets to minimized the confusion and complications we are receiving from you via support on how difficult it has been for most of us.
we split them earlier to enable you receive 10% from the old wallet after any new donation made, yes even as we merge them the 10% receiving continues and now even better.

how? you may ask, you get to receive 10% of whatsoever you donated last example, 100% - 10% = 100,000 - 10,000 , 10,000 - 1,000 and so on. you get to receive this 10% immediately you have completed your down payment of 10% and remaining 90% donation and after receiving the 10% you will still receive your supposed 50% + initial bargain after 28days.

all of this will be implemented immediately you notice only one wallet in your msc p.o. by doing this you will have all your cash summed up for you and gets deducted accurately.

please we apologize to all participants who have requested cash earlier and have not been matched till date, we are really sorry about that. mysurecash is getting better by the day. participants please we request that you allow us reset the receive cash queue so that matching can be done accurately, ascending and faster, its for the best of the new wallet merging and our cash being paid.

thank you for understanding. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 25-Jul-2017

Howdy participants, mysurecash is better today because of you, well done lets keep it going.

scammers are on rampage again! any text you receive carrying any mysurecash website address that is not "" please please and please do not even visit the website page! because your visiting it is detrimental to your original mysurecash account which may probably get blocked.

what the scammers hope to achieve is your email address and password then they will use it to login to your gmail or yahoo account just to hack your account and do other malicious operations just to hurt you. so please be on alert and be wise.

we received the challenges some of you are facing in your msc p.o. like your 10% green button not re-appearing, or trying to place a receive cash request after receiving your 10% upfront payment from the green button.
just be rest assured hands are on deck and they are being fixed. really appreciates your patronage and participation. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 19-Jul-2017

Dear participants, thank you for your patronage so far, online communities such as ours mysurecash, survival depends to a great percentage on population, thus we urge every existing participants to invite just one new member to our community mysurecash, this will really go long way in making cash circulation faster for us all.

we get and reply your messages via support, yes we understand your plights very well but please remember that from onset mysurecash never had a central account where all our cash was stored up and now is expected of the platform to from a non-existing central account to pay us all, well it's not impossible paying us out, its very much possible and achievable if each of us currently reading this text introduce one new participant that makes a donation and fulfills it "fulfill being the keyword" we will be closer to achieving all we've set out for ourselves and an incentive will be added to us for inviting new participants.

yes we are talking of reviving our referral bonus system just as it used to exist but this time in a more benefiting manner to our participants and for the growth of our online community for mutual help mysurecash.

we will keep you informed on when the referral bonus packages will commence and participants with top referred members will be strongly rewarded by our online community for mutual help mysurecash. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 14-Jul-2017

Beloved participants, greetings to you all, thank you for your undivided trust and participation. we thank all of the donors that have been keeping it in heart to see to the revitalization of the system, and not leaving out our all patience filled receivers god bless you all.

good news everyone mysurecash is back and has been paying participants since june 2017 from old and new wallet.
take a look at positive changes:

1. donors payed out 30% of previous earnings to receivers to receive 50% of their total earnings which was beneficial to many
2. we accepted suggestions from you all which was the major uprising of our online community for mutual help mysurecash
3. we implemented the suggestions with some listed below:
- 3days ultimatum for cash re-commitment after cash reception
- benchmark of cash donation which is keeping cash flow consistent in the system
- automatic block and erasal of msc account for any donor who refused to fulfill donation to avoid "hit n run"
- down payment donations to only allow serious minded participants on mysurecash
- referral bonuses all levels will be restored soon, its currently under review, we shouldn't enjoy this alone we shall invite others too.
4. we paid and are still paying those faithful donors who partook of the 30% - 50% plan as of then
5. we are paying out participants which are now due for cash reception i.e their 28days cicle has been completed and now they are cashing out and being payed.
6. also from old wallet you are entitled to receiving 10% of your last completed down payment of 10% plus donation balance of 90% (example you payed out down payment of 10% summed up to ngn 30,000 and after 14days the remaining ngn 270,000 summing them up you have ngn 300,000) now we say that you can cash out immediately 10% of the total ngn 300,000 which in this case is ngn 30,000 immediately you fulfill your donation and it will be deducted from your old wallet and so on till your old msc wallet becomes empty, and when your 28days is completed you can now cash out your normal donated cash plus its 50% growth from our example above 300,000 + 150,000 = 450,000 and will be deducted from your new wallet.
7. now we are can say mysurecash pays and is still paying. we will be updating our domain registration soon because we are not closing anytime soon.

thank you for bringing us this far even through out the trial times you still choose to remain with us, we really appreciate you and we've got better plans ahead in no distant time. god bless you Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 09-Jul-2017