Msc participants worldwide please be warned, be careful about your login email and password do not use it on any other type of website address that is not because scammers are putting up other cloned version of our online community for mutual help just to get your email addresses and passwords then use them to hack your email accounts or do something more dangerous than that.
we only have one website address which is if it has any other spelling that does not tally with please do not follow any website address been sent to you via text messages asking you to make one funny update or the other in other to donate or receive cash!
please be wise and careful we love and cherish our participants that's why we care. long live mysurecash. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 20-Mar-2017

Participants of our community for mutual help mysurecash nigeria we say thank you for your patients, co-operation, suggestions, meetings just like the last one held by social media groups on the 18th march 2017 we appreciate you all.

we write with regards to most of the points made by the participants which includes (current challenges and suggested solutions) which got to us through one of our wonderful consultants, even as we write you this the points made are now being put into consideration and in the shortest possible time some if not all will be implemented and we will continue to enjoy our community.

thanks for the new turn up of cash donations and also double thanks to those donors who fulfilled their donations and now awaiting reception.
thanks to you our dear participant for reading this news update. long live mysurecash! Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 19-Mar-2017

Good day our beloved participants, its been a long time since we left you without an update we are really sorry about that.
we want to plead with you to bear our new system changes like the "2000 limits for receive cash per day", "your earnings are less than your donations. we support recycling" and many more. all of these measures were put in place to see that our community for mutual help survives for a longer period.

please note the following:

1. mysurecash pleads with us the participants to continue re-donating (recycling) in order to achieve a faster matching for cash receptions.

2. mysurecash will be matching any donations made in less than 14 days now possibly on the day you made the pledge you may be matched to pay immediately. this is to avoid participants saying that they have used up the cash for something else (always pledge what you can afford).

3. mysurecash urges all matched donors to pay receivers when they are been notified. please fulfill your pledges because the receiver really depends on it to execute his/her time dependent project. (remember all receivers were once donors that paid their own matched receivers).

4. mysurecash warns against logging in to any other website that is not they are phishing sites, they save your email and passwords whenever you try logging in and with those credentials they access your various personnal mails and mess things up for you. team msc will always communicate you via your msc personal office if need be and we will not ask you to "fill your update form to receive your money" so beware of any form of mysurecash cloned website. our official website address is only!

5. as many that has placed a "receive cash" request we suggest that you don't cancel the request to re-request again it will only end up pushing you to being last on the queue again and before it gets to your turn it will take longer time again. sorry about the delays and this delays will be avoided if all our participants come back to re-donate after receiving it will make our community a better home for all.

6. participants do not stop referrals, with more participants in our community we all get our cash distributed evenly and faster. please refer more.

7. referral 1 bonus have been disabled and referral 2 bonus is still under consideration to be removed or not and few further adjustment for a better system.

8. mysurecash thanks all participants that have stayed with us from the early days through out the rough times, upgrade period and every other corrections that affected the system positively and negatively we say thank you for your patience the daily limit of 2000 will soon be removed so that the receive cash night vigil too will end so we encourage participants to re-donate, have confidence in our community and refer people. we are glad to announce that our community has attained stability and we have no closing plans.

thank you for choosing mysurecash, long live msc. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 08-Mar-2017