Happy new week mysurecash participants, in anticipation of our newest bigger and improved online community for mutual help "mysurecash mega" we urge our donors to continue to making donations and when matched fulfill your donations because we need you to keep us flowing.

we sincerely apologize to our members those of them whose receive cash request was terminated due to some complexities best known to us and for the best of our online community for mutual help mysurecash, please we request that you re-request your cash reception and it will be granted as soon as it gets to your own batch.

thank you for your understanding and cooperation. mysurecash has come to stay. remember "pay so that you can be paid".

mysurecash mega (x2) starting soon! ensure to be the first participants starting mysurecash in its mega style. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 21-May-2017

Welcome back participants from the weekend, please if you have been matched to make donations to a receiver do not hesistate even if you have not been completely matched just proceed with payment and in no time your remaining match balance will be completed.

we request that you should endeavor to recycle your donations and not wait until you are forced to do so. matching donors to receivers is the primary purpose of our online community mysurecash and we are not stopping any time soon. our slogan says " pay so that you will be paid! ", thank you for believing in us, mysurecash is ours so lets make it survive #keepdonatingonmsc. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 15-May-2017

Mysurecash mega is a new platform from mysurecash worldwide, that will be made to give a (x2) return on donation (rod) to our existing participants whom have made donations and fulfill them and promises new participants (x0.5) return on donation (rod).

truly we are concerned about our participants happiness and we want to contribute to that by making sure our participants recover all they have donated on our online community for mutual help mysurecash.

you may say mysurecash mega is just for the old participants, you are not wrong though but let us help you rephrase

"how can i become one of this older participants?"

the system recognizes those who have once made donation and fulfill it as an older participant and they will be receiving a 100% on any new donation made when "mysurecash mega" is launched and for you to be part of them (older participant) stop reading this text now and proceed to your dashboard to make a cash donation you can fulfill when you are matched so that when "mysurecash mega" is launched you too can also be part of the moving train where you receive 100% of new donations made.

thank you for believing in us, mysurecash is ours so lets make it survive #keepdonatingonmsc Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 11-May-2017

Good morning participants, we are appreciate the massive turn up of cash donation by participants and thereby increase the batch percentage from 10% to 25% so in just two batches your 50% cash reception will be completed.

thank you for not giving up your trust on us, thanks for your encouragement so far, we have better plans coming up in our new platform to be launched soon "mysurecash mega" you will greatly benefit from it (recover all) just make sure you keep donating and fulfilling them to be benefit well from our mega package.

long live our package, long live our online community for mutual help mysurecash. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 09-May-2017

Dear msc participants, we want to clarify your doubt about this batch payments adopted. you can keep requesting your available cash and you will not be required to make donation before you request your cash again and you will be matched to receive cash immediately until your 50% supposed cash is completed.

for some participants that keep getting the message asking them to re-donate 30% again this is because you donated less than your supposed 30%, you ought to donate exact 30% or more so as to be able to receive cash successfully.

we appreciate your faithfulness and cooperation, we have through you successfully paid over 1000 participants using batches and will pay more.

note: mysurecash mega will be coming up soon, is a platform where you get all of your donation multiplied by (x?) i.e (????%) and cash will be received in mega, soonest you will get the gist in full.

remember our slogan is " pay so that you will be paid! ", if you upload fake pop when you are matched to pay someone, when its time to receive you will also receive a fake teller upload likewise for many more wrong actions.

for your information, should any participants upload an evidence of payment without your notice please do not hesitate to click the "x teller" button so that we can purge out all of those participants that give our platform a bad reputation and get you the receiver a re-match.

long live our beloved participants, the best becomes of our online community mysurecash. Thank you for choosing MSC.

Shared: 03-May-2017