1. When a donor is matched to pay a receiver and he/she cannot make payment they will be unmatched and the record will be deleted!!! Both of you will be unmatched and records will disappear on both dashboard.

2. If you make payment to someone and do not upload an evidence of payment within the time given it is assumed that you made no payment to the receiver thus both of you will be unmatched and there will be no space to neither upload an evidence of payment nor space to confirm!

3. If you as the donor makes payment and uploads evidence you as the receiver will be given an extra 30 HOURS for confirmation of the donors payment.

4. If the receiver gets the payment and refuses to confirm the donor his/her account will be blocked!

5. If a participant promises to pay you and request for time extension please do that immidiately to avoid loosing your matched participant and your money.

6. Any payment you do not want to make as the donor please use the red button "REFUSE PAYMENT" so that the time can countdown to zero (0) and the participant will quickly re-appear in the rematch list.

7. If you are a participant using more than one account please write to the admin to close one of them immidiately should we get to find out ourself all of your accounts will be blocked and never will be unbocked.

8. If you first donation is anything less than #20,000 you will not be given a registration bonus also if after making your first donation you cancel it for any reason you will not be given any registration bonus and there is no need writting to MSC Support about it.

9. MYSURECASH is active today is because of faithful members like you, because you do not hesitate to make payments. The faster the payments made the more fun and sure our cash becomes.

10. Thank you for you choosing your number one online community for mutual aid mysurecash rocks.

Mysurecash Warns !!!

There are no guarantees nor promises!

There are neither investments nor business! MSC participants help each other, sending each other money directly and without intermediaries. that's all! there's nothing more.

There are no securities between transactions, no relationship with the professionals of the security market; You have no security covering you!

There are only but one rule in Mysurecash which is "NO RULE"! Even if you follow all of the accurate instructions, you may "LOOSE" OR "WIN" but might not be paid. without any reasons or explanations.

In summary, you can lose ALL your money!

Always remember this: My Sure Cash (MSC) is a community of mutual help. Participants are to make donations only with their EXTRA CASH. Do not participate with all!